June 25, 2012


Sister Love!



1.  She is a snuggle bug.  Even though she was a little tense at first, she will now lay her head on my chest and put her arms around me, pressing as closely as she can.

2.  She likes to eat!!!!!  So far, she hasn't turned down anything we've offered her.  Of course, it has been a rather "junk food" afternoon. 

3.  She is VERY INTENT when she plays.  She sat in the floor for no less than an hour playing with the Lego blocks that I brought, stacking them and putting them in a bag and dumping them out. 

4.  She's not too crazy about men.  Roger is DYING to get his hands on her, and she did actually let him sit in the floor by her when she was playing with the blocks.  HOWEVER, when he kissed on her, she was quite distressed.  She will be a daddy's girl before he knows it, though.

5.  She is a SOUND sleeper.  Right now she is taking a nap with the TV going full blast, and Molly Kate making all kinds of noise.

6.  She does know some English.  She has called me, "Mama" several times, and has said other words like drink and water.  She is also speaking in Chinese, and sometimes sounds like she is talking like a caveman!!!!

7.  She likes clothes and shoes!!!  I tried a couple of pairs of shoes on her that I brought to see if they would fit.  She kept putting them back on when I took them off.  She was also fine when I tried some different clothes on her.

8. She likes HAIR BOWS!!!!  When she was brought to us today, she had  the hair bow in her hair that I had sent in a care package.  I took it off this afternoon when I got ready to change her clothes.  She immediately picked it up and wanted it back in her hair.  WOO HOO!!!  I have another hair bow girl!!!!

9.  She LOVES a bath!!!!  When I first put her in the tub, she started to cry just a little, but she stopped immediately.  She splashed and had water EVERYWHERE!!!  She put her face in the water, she slid down the back of the tub, and she LOVED it when I put Molly Kate in with her.  I think she would have stayed in the tub all day!!!

10.  She is SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!  I thought she was pretty in her pictures, but they don't do her justice. 

Roger and I sure are a happy mama and daddy with the THREE BEST SONS and the TWO SWEETEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS in the WORLD!!!!  I know we are just a little prejudiced, but........ :)

Vicki :)



GOTCHA DAY!!!!!-----WE GOT HER!!!!

Roger and I are officially the daddy and mama of the second most BEAUTIFUL girl in the world!!!!  Callie Beth arrived about 30 minutes after we arrived at the government office this  morning.  When she was handed to me, she did some serious grunting, but she didn't shed many REAL tears.  At first, she was a little stiff in my arms, but she gradually relaxed.  Three and a half hours later, she is now a SNUGGLE BUNNY!!!!  She is a Mama's girl right now, but she will eventually be a daddy's girl, too.  It's just going to take a little time.

Molly Kate has been PHENOMENAL with the whole experience!!!  She has allowed me to hold Callie Beth, and has been so sweet and sharing with her.  Sometimes when Callie Beth does her serious grunting noise, Molly Kate mocks her, and then she smiles really big.  She has been great sharing her toys, and she points to Callie and either says, "Sissy," or "Callie."  NO-----I'm not expecting it to be this easy all the time, but we have certainly been blessed with a wonderful start.  I credit that to the many prayers that I KNOW have been lifted for us.  PLEASE keep those prayers coming!!!!

It was three years ago today that someone left our very precious Callie Beth in the women's restroom in the pediatric section of a hospital.  She was a very sick baby, and needed surgery.  Luckily, she was found and five days later, received the surgery she needed.  We are just blessed beyond words to celebrate the anniversary of her being found with her being placed in our arms to be her FOREVER FAMILY!!!!!  God is SO good!!!!

I'm attaching a few pictures of our GOTCHA moment, as well as SISTER times!!!!

Vicki :)