June 30, 2012



We are in the beautiful city of Guangzhou!!!!  I really do like it here.  Our hotel is GREAT, and it is located in a much nicer and CLEANER area that our hotels were in Beijing and Zhengzhou. 

We were supposed to fly out of Zhengzhou at 12:20 today, but our flight was delayed for an hour, so it was almost 1:30 before our plane took off.  Molly Kate fell asleep almost immediately. 

Our Guide

 There was a really nice indoor playground at the airport, so she climbed and slid down slides for over an hour.  I couldn't get Callie Beth to play on the playground---I'm not sure she has ever played on a playground before.  She sat good as gold in her stroller the whole time. 

On the plane, Callie Beth did pretty well at first.  She looked at a book, ate some snacks, and then she fell asleep, too, and slept for around 30 minutes.  HOWEVER, when she woke up, things changed.  For the remainder of the trip, she spent most of it SCREAMING her head off.  I have no clue what she wanted or needed.  I tried everything I knew to do, and then finally, I just totally ignored her.  Occasionally, she would stop, and I would tickle her or tease her and she would smile and giggle, but then it would all start over again.  I continued to ignore her until the last 10 minutes or so when tears began to come with the screaming.  I was able to fasten her in my seatbelt in my lap.  This helped some, but it was moments of grieving for her, and when that happens, there is simply nothing to do.  I don't think the people sitting around us enjoyed their trip very much.  In fact, one of the girls sitting in the seats in front of us, had her fingers in her ears the majority of the trip.  Callie Beth's scream is pretty shrill, so I'm sure it was hurting her ears.  When we landed I apologized to her.  She didn't speak English, but I was able to make her understand that we had only had Callie Beth for 5 days, and that she was from an orphanage and that her adoption was still very traumatic for her.  The girl was really sweet and let me know it was okay.  

Once we arrived in Guangzhou, we were greeted at the airport by our guides, Jason and Grace.  We boarded the bus for the hotel, and I'm pleased to say that Callie Beth was happy the entire 45 minute ride!!!  We are staying at the China Hotel Marriott.  It is REALLY nice.  The thing I love the best about the room is that the bathroom is glassed in, meaning we can watch the girls from the bedroom while they are taking a bath.  AND, there is a shower in front of the tub in the glassed in area, which means that Callie Beth, who is the biggest bath splasher I have ever seen, can splash all she wants, and it won't get water on the floor.  Of course, she just about drowns Molly Kate when she does this!!!   Both girls had had MULTIPLE poopy and pee diapers on the trip, and I decided I would get them in the tub as soon as we got to our room.  They LOVED the glassed in tub, and Molly Kate didn't even mind Callie Beth's splashing.  I am including a picture---I don't think it's too revealing!!!


After freshening up (I felt like I had been peed and pooped on!!!),we went for a walk tonight, in search of somewhere to eat.  We saw lots of places, but ended up coming back to the room and ordering room service.  Both of the girls LOVE stroller walks.  Callie Beth is ALWAYS happy when she is in the stroller.  In fact, she fell asleep before we got back to the room.  I let her sleep in the stroller for quite a while, but then I woke her up so I could feed her something.  That was a mistake.  It was obvious that she was sad when she woke up.  I held her for a long time, but then, Molly Kate started climbing in my lap, too, and I don't know if that is what triggered the screaming/crying spell.  I knew there was no reason to battle with her, so I changed her diaper, put her PJ's on her, and laid her in her bed.  She screamed and cried for maybe 3 minutes, but as soon as we turned out the lights on that side of the room, she stopped.  I know she was absolutely exhausted from the day.

SO, the plane ride wasn't too great---but then, it sparked the memory that Molly Kate cried on the plane ride all the way from Nanchang to Guangzhou when we adopted her.  She is so well-adjusted now that I think Roger and I both have almost forgotten that it has taken months for her to get to where she is now.  We know this whole transition is harder on Callie Beth because she's older than Molly Kate was when we adopted her, but then, she will probably learn more quickly than Molly Kate did.  She certainly has a GREAT role model.  I can't say enough about how WONDERFUL Molly Kate has been this whole trip.  Everybody in our travel group LOVES her, and she loves them, too!!!  She has gone from being the little girl who would say, "LONE!!!" if anyone got in her personal space, to a little girl who will hug and blow kisses to anyone.  She is very comfortable with everyone in our group, especially Joey and Tasha Robichaux, the couple we have spent most of our time with. 

Our Travel Group

She has actually been a little social butterfly on this entire trip!!  I can't begin to tell you how many older Chinese people have come up to her and touched her and talked to her, and she has appeared comfortable with all of them.  If this trip has sparked any memories of her past life in the orphanage, she has shown no negative signs of it.  In fact, when we visited Callie Beth's orphanage on Wednesday, Molly Kate made her way, on her own, from room to room and seemed quite comfortable, making her self right at home.  Roger and I are SO proud of her for the little girl she has become.

Tomorrow we are visiting the Buddhist Temple (don't worry---we aren't planning to switch from Southern Baptist!!!), the Old Chen House, and the Provincial Arts and Crafts shopping center----WOO HOO!!!!  I haven't been shopping in almost TWO weeks!!!!  Tomorrow night we will eat at a Portuguese restaurant----NO CHINESE FOOD---YIPPEE!!!!!  We have met back up with three other couples, who adopted from the non-special needs program, so there will be eight couples and NINE babies dining together!!!!  Sounds like a winner to me!!!

Until tomorrow....

Vicki :)

June 29, 2012


There is something I forgot to share, so this is another SHORT entry (I PROMISE this time!!!)


I forgot to mention (I don't know how I could have forgotten this) that on our way to McDonalds, we stopped at a local park and took a walk through it.  It's the same park we took the girls to a few days ago---a very BEAUTIFUL park.   Today there were LOTS of people there, and we drew quite a bit of attention.  We had a large group of people come up to us, and try to communicate.  Of course, we couldn't understand them.  We have a card we have worn around our neck this week, though, that gives our name, our child's name, and explains that we have adopted this child. 

Callie Beth at the Butterfly Field

Callie Beth and Molly Kate at the Butterfly Field in the park.

Molly Kate loves the Butterfly Field
SO, I proceeded to show the card to an older lady in this group.  She read the card, turned around and said something to her husband, and then got right up in my face and yelled, "AMEN!!!"  I really didn't know what she was trying to say to me at first, but then I realized it was her blessing on us for adopting our child.  We have received many smiles and thumbs up from people this week who have seen us with our girls, and who have understood that we have adopted them. 

The picture is of part of this group in the park who was our fan club!!!!  They allowed us to take their picture with our girls.

Vicki :)



Today was our last full day in Zhengzhou.  We will be leaving at 10 in the morning for the airport for the 4+ hour flight to Guangzhou.  It will be Callie Beth's first time on a airplane.  I sure hope she likes it!!!!

We had another laid back day today.  It rained again, so we spent most of the day in our hotel.  The girls have enjoyed their time playing in the room, even though we don't have a great variety of toys.  I worked on repacking the suitcases, putting the girls clean clothes in one (I REALLY am glad I brought SO many outfits for them!!!), mine and Roger's clean clothes in another, and all of our dirty clothes in the third one.  We still have a few things to throw in the suitcases in the morning after breakfast.

We did venture out this afternoon, even though there was still a fine mist of rain, to go for a visit at the GOLDEN ARCHES.  I'm sure most of you have heard of the GOLDEN ARCHES, known in the United States as Mickey D's, or better yet, McDonalds.  Junk food just sounded better than Chinese for some reason.  Our friends, the Robichaux's went, too.  Tasha and I waited outside with the girls, while Roger and Joey went inside to order.  We were quickly surrounded by a large group of kids, most of them being around the ages of 10 to 12.  They were very interested in us, and asked LOTS of questions in Chinese.  Finally, one of them asked, in English, where we were from.  I responded, "The United States."  They had a really puzzled look on their faces.  A few minutes later, I was asked the same question again, and I again replied, "The United States."  It was as if they had never heard of the good old U.S.  Then I added, "America."  When I said that, their faces lit up and they started nodding their heads and babbling in Chinese again.  They were a really nice bunch of kids.  Several of them took pictures of the girls, so I took a group picture of them, too.

We brought our food back to the room to eat, and then we took another short walk to a 7 Eleven store to get ice cream.  We decided when we got back with the ice cream we would sit in the hall and eat it.  In just a short while, all the other families in our travel group had come in, and we congregated in the hall for quite a while, giving our kids time to play together.  I know I've said it before, but we couldn't ask for a better travel group.  Everyone is GREAT, and the kids are all so precious.

We had planned to Skype with Evan at 10 PM our time.  By the time we went to the lobby to try to connect with him, the girls were so exhausted that they were crying and whining.  We did get to talk to my dear friend, Ginger for awhile, but it was hard for me to hear everything she was saying because of our VOCAL girls.  We never we able to connect with Evan.  We are going to try again in the morning.

Molly Kate waiting to Skype

Callie Beth waiting to Skype

Today was a better day for Callie Beth.  She did have one meltdown this afternoon, but it wasn't as extensive as last night's, and today I finally just put her in her bed and ignored the screaming.  I know that sounds harsh, but she wouldn't let me comfort her anyway.  It didn't take long for her to calm down, and when I lifted her out of her bed, she was all smiles.  She started in again tonight when I put her in bed.  She wanted me to keep holding her, but I had to take a shower.  As soon as I left the room and went into the bathroom, she stopped the screaming.  Roger said she sat in her bed really still and was asleep in just a few minutes.  I talked with Rita, our guide, about the meltdowns, and she said the language barrier is really the instigator of the problems.  I totally understand that.  This is just really common, anyway.  All of the other children in our group have had meltdowns, fits, and major moments of sadness, too, and they are all under two years old.  I can see how it is even harder for Callie Beth.  We will take one day at a time, though, and I have now doubts time WILL heal!!!

I'm going to add a few pictures, and then I'm off to bed!!!  The next blog entry will be written from Guangzhou!!!!

Vicki :)



Last night Callie Beth had a major meltdown.  She screamed at the top of her lungs and sobbed uncontrollably for almost an hour.  There was no consoling her.  This is very typical for adopted children.  Molly Kate didn't have any episodes like this while we were in China, but after we were home, she had night terrors several times, with the same uncontrollable crying.  There seemed to be no comforting her, so we would put her in her bed, and I would lie beside it, telling her over and over she would be okay and that I loved her.  Eventually, she would fall asleep.  That's what I had to eventually do with Callie Beth last night. 

We learned a lot from our visit to the Show Hope Center in the orphanage where Callie Beth lived.  As I told you the other day, the nurses and nannies there were WONDERFUL.  They were all SO sweet, and it was obvious they were crazy about Callie Beth.  From what we saw, though, Callie Beth was one of the older children in the unit, and by far, one of the more advanced.  However, due to the severity of some of the medical conditions of the children there (children who need HOMES and FOREVER FAMILIES to love and nurture them) ,I saw no children from whom she might pattern "typical" three-year-old behaviors.  Since her English is limited----Mama, water, and milk----the only way she knows to communicate when she has a need is to groan loudly or scream.   She sometimes bangs on things, but does so in a playful way, because she always smiles really big when she does it.  We know this will change with time, but for right now, it is a reality we are having to patiently work with. She does understand what "NO" means, and obeys when we give her that command.  We have no concerns about her intelligence.  She was playing on our friend's I-Pad the other night and immediately understood what to do to change from one icon to the other. 

We also don't know the extent of Callie Beth's congenital vision problem.  It is obvious that she is constantly struggling to focus both of her eyes at the same time, due to what appears to be strabismus.  Her teacher in the orphanage said she didn't think she could see colors, and that she had very poor vision in the dark.  I don't think, though, her eyes have ever been examined by a specialist.  I truly believe when we get the strabismus under control, it will make a MAJOR difference for her.  There is no discoloration in her eyes, though----they are beautiful and have quite a sparkle to them!!!!

The best news for us is that the surgery Callie Beth had at age one month for the biliary atresia was successful.  She has quite a scar from the surgery, but there is NO DOUBTS that she is physically healthy!!!  She is quite a chubby chunk, and eats like a horse!!!  This is a blessing beyond words, because not all children with this condition are so lucky.  We will be taking her to a pediatric gastroenterologist as soon as we get home because this is a condition we will need to keep an eye on, but our pediatrician told us since she has gone this long without complications, it is very likely she will never have any further problems with it.  I want to hear that from a specialist, though!!!!

I guess I'm sharing all of this because I don't want any of you to be expecting to see a 3 year old who is like most other typical three year olds, because right now, she's not.  She behaves like a child who has been institutionalized all her life, which she has, and who can't communicate verbally because she doesn't know our language and we don't know hers.  She is maybe functioning on the emotional level of an 18 month old.  She has a lot to learn, but with the love and patience and support of family and friends, she will be fine, just like Molly Kate is now.  It's not fair to compare her to Molly Kate in any way, because there situations are totally different.  Molly Kate has now spent almost half her life in a normal (well, I'm not sure you would call our home NORMAL) family life, with constant love, attention, and nurturing.  While Callie Beth has had plenty of love and attention, it hasn't been a HOME or with a FAMILY.

I can also tell you, though, that Callie Beth is a BEAUTIFUL little girl whom we love with all our hearts and souls.  We have no doubts WHATSOEVER that God matched her with us to be her Mama and Daddy, and we are going to give our all to give her the good life that Molly Kate and our boys have.  She is PERFECT for our family, too!!!!

We appreciate the prayers from all of you.  Taking care of two toddlers is not always easy.....but then, I knew that from the beginning.  The REWARDS, though FAR OUTWEIGH the stress.  The girls are SO precious together, and I have no doubts that they will become best friends.  They have both already shown a deep compassion toward each other.

As I read back over this entry, it seems I've painted quite a bleak picture of our new daughter.  Actually, she is happy, sweet, and cooperative, 95% of the time.  We have been out and about constantly since we got her on Monday, and she has done fine.  She especially likes to ride in the stroller and go for walks, just like Molly Kate does.  I think she's going to be an athlete, because she can throw a ball like a pro already.  She hangs on to me like a leech, but then, that's just fine.  I love the knowledge that I am a comfort to her.  She plays rough and tough----part of the survival of the fittest in her past life, I'm sure!!!!  I have a feeling Molly Kate is going to learn just as much from her as she learns from Molly Kate!!!!!

Thanks for taking time to read my daily posts.  I know I'm quite long-winded.  It is very special to me, though, to get to share this WONDERFUL special event in our life with you!!!!!

Vicki :)

June 28, 2012



Today was the first actual day of our time in China that we had NOTHING that we had to do.  It rained most of the day, anyway, so we opted to stay at the hotel.  We had planned a morning trip to Walmart, but when we saw it was raining we decided to postpone.  We ended up taking the girls up to the playroom for awhile, and then coming back to the room.  The girls played for awhile, and then I put them in the bathtub---one of Callie Beth's favorite activities---and then, after having to dry both of the girls' hair (Callie Beth is a SPLASHER!!!), I put them in their cribs for a nap. 

 We have their cribs side by side, so they can communicate before they go to sleep.  Roger was sacked out on the bed---he wasn't feeling too well.  I think it was the dinner he had last night that made him sick (chicken gizzards!!!---GROSS!!!!)  I decided to read for awhile.  I was engrossed in my book when I looked up and realized Molly Kate had crawled over the rail into Callie Beth's bed!!!  The two of them in one crib was cute, but I decided it probably wasn't conducive to sleeping, so I put Molly Kate back in her crib.  It didn't take long before she was asleep.  It took Callie Beth longer than usual to fall asleep.  Once she was asleep, I decided to take a little snooze myself!!!

Tonight we walked with one of the other couples, the Robichaux's, for our evening meal, which ended up being at KFC----yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and then we made a trip to Walmart.  It was raining when we started back to the hotel, which was about a 25 minute walk.  We have since been in our room, and are getting ready to go downstairs and try to skype with Evan.

Callie Beth had a very sad moment a little while ago.  She was standing by her bed, holding some blocks she had been playing with, when she just started crying quietly.  I think it was a moment of grieving for her.  She seems to be SO happy with us, but I know she is old enough to truly remember and miss her old life.  She let me cuddle her in my lap, though, and that, along with a snack, made her feel better.  She and Molly Kate are sharing snacks right now. 

I apologize for the boring post tonight.  A boring day has been kind of nice for us, though!!!  I do have some sweet pictures of the girls to share.

Until tomorrow.....

Vicki :)

June 27, 2012



Today was our day to travel to Jiaozuo to complete our passport application for Callie Beth and get her passport picture made.  It was also the day we were blessed to visit the orphanage where she has spent the last three years of her life.

Jiaozuo is about and hour and a half from Zhengzhou where we are staying, so our guide, Rita hired a driver and we traveled by van to the city.  Our first stop was at the orphanage.  I wanted to visit there because I wanted to meet all the nurses and nannies in the Show Hope Center where Callie Beth lived to thank them for giving her so much love and such good care.  At the same time, I was VERY concerned about the emotional effect it would have on Callie Beth to go back there.

Front door
Callie's Crib

When we went in, everyone was waiting to see her.  She had her arms wrapped tightly around me, with her head on my shoulder.  It was obvious she was very aware of where she was.  Her nanny, whom she had called, "Mama" kept trying to get her to come to her.  I really didn't want her to take her from me, because I was afraid it would upset Callie Beth, and start the trauma of the transition to us all over again. Even though Callie Beth never reached out for her, she finally reached out to take Callie Beth from me, and I couldn't refuse her.  This was Callie Beth's primary caretaker during her time in the orphanage, and I could only imagine the sadness she must feel knowing she would never see Callie Beth again.  It WAS traumatic for Callie Beth.  When I reached to take her back, she was stiff, just like she was when she was brought  to us on GOTCHA DAY, and she cried.  However, it only took a few seconds for her to wrap her arms back around me and melt in my arms again.

Callie's Caregiver
I think the person in the orphanage who was most broken-hearted about her leaving was her teacher.  She stood over to the side, with tears flooding her face.  It broke my heart for her and made me cry, too.

Callie's Teacher

The Show Hope Center was SO nice, and all the people were wonderful!!!  It was quite heart wrenching to see the many special needs children there, some with pretty severe problems.  It was obvious, though, that they are receiving the best of love and care.  I spied a little cutie that I think would make a PERFECT little sister for Molly Kate and Callie Beth, but Roger said, "NO!!!!"  Actually, I think he thought she was pretty cute, too!!!! (For those of you reading this, PLEASE don't mention to my mother what I said in the last two sentences.  She would have a HEART ATTACK!!!!) 

Lil Cutie

It was hard saying goodbye to everyone, but I really was ready to leave. I got the email address of the orphanage so I can share LOTS of pictures of Callie Beth in the future.  I also found out today that there was a period of time from April 2010 until December 2010 that Callie Beth actually lived in the orphanage, rather than in the Show Hope Center.  She was returned to the Show Hope Center in December 2010, and had lived there since.

After we left the orphanage, we went to finish the paperwork needed for Callie Beth's passport.  Other than having to lug her up three flights of steps, everything went fine there, and then we preceded to go to get her passport photo made.  This was quite a challenge.  Talking about STRICT regulations about passport photos....her eyebrows had to show, which meant we had to find something to pin her bangs back.  Her ears had to show and her hair had to be off of her neck.  The BIGGEST challenge.....she had to LOOK at the camera!!!!!  I was in the booth with her, at first standing off to the side and trying to sit her on my knee to get the picture.  That didn't work, so then we tried standing her on the chair.  She got tired and started fussing, so we had to step aside to let others go ahead of us.  Several minutes later we tried again.  I don't know how long it actually took to FINALLY get THE picture, but I really thought we might end up being in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the LONGEST known attempt at getting a passport photo!!!

Our last stop before heading back to Zhengzhou was at the hospital where Callie Beth received her surgery for the biliary atresia she was born with.  (This condition, along with a congenital vision problem is what gave her the label of being a special focus child.).  I asked Rita, our guide, why Callie Beth was allowed to have surgery, when so many critically ill children who are abandoned never receive surgery and die.  Had Callie Beth not had surgery for the biliary atresia, she most definitely would not have survived much longer.  She said that which babies get surgery and which don't depends on the weight and size they are at the time they need surgery.  If their weight is good, then surgery will be attempted.  I'm not surprised that even though she was really sick, our sweet chunky monkey was healthy enough for the surgery, and that may be one of the factors that contributed to it being successful.  We were not allowed to go into the hospital where she received the surgery.  In fact, I had to take a picture very quickly and get back in the van.  It is an army hospital, and photographs are not allowed to be taken inside or out. 

We were not able to visit the place where Callie Beth was abandoned.  It was an hour out of the city in a place called Wen County, and the roads going there are bad.  Since she was left in the women's restroom in the pediatric section of a hospital, we probably wouldn't have been allowed to go inside anyway.  When Rita said the roads were really bad going there, I asked if it was a poor area. She said it wasn't.  In fact, she said that  Taigui (I think I'm butchering the spelling) Martial Arts originated there, and that it was a nice area.

SO, today was a chapter in Callie Beth's life that we closed.  As we were traveling back to Zhengzhou, she fell asleep in my arms, and as I looked down at that beautiful face, I thanked God for choosing us to be her parents.  I know she is so confused being with strangers who don't speak her language.  She sometimes doesn't know how to communicate with us, other than grunting loudly, and occasionally having little emotional flares.  But you know, I truly believe she already feels our love and with each passing hour feels more comfortable with us.  I think she knows, too, that she has a little sister who is crazy about her---and there is nothing cuter than the two of them together!!!! 

Thanks to all of you----family and friends---- who continue to pray for us on this journey.....

Vicki :)



Breakfast with the girls.

A stroll in the park!  Molly Kate isn't sure about this ride.

Playing with blocks.
What is this thing, Molly Kate?

Sissy, let me explain this flashlight business!

Molly Kate is proud to be an American!

June 26, 2012


A LITTLE BIT of time makes a BIG difference!!!!!

It is amazing how much Callie Beth has changed in the short amount of time we have had her.  Today, she had a few tears in her eyes when she woke up, but that was it for the day.  We've had LOTS of smiles throughout the day!!!  She was VERY loud at times today, chattering away in Chinese, but she clearly understands what SSHHHHH means.  She does a lot of grunting like a cave woman, and does this loud whine when she wants something and doesn't get it.  HOWEVER, she does know the meaning of, "NO!"  Molly Kate is so obedient all the time, and she is setting a good example for her.  I truly do think Callie Beth is taking notice.

Some of the other things I've learned today about Callie Beth are:

1.  She LOVES to eat, and will eat ANYTHING!!!!
2.  She is a GREAT sleeper!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!!
3.  She likes for others to do things for her, rather than doing them for herself.  Tonight I had
     to hand feed her, and she ALWAYS wants me to carry her when we leave the room to
     go somewhere. 
4.  She is not only loved by Roger and me, but she is VERY loved by her little sister.
     Molly Kate adores her!!!!-----and I think she is beginning to adore Molly Kate!!!
5.  For comfort, she takes her fingers and wraps them around either the sleeve or neck of
     the clothing she is wearing, and pulls it up to her mouth to bite. 
6.  She likes to put things in her mouth.
7.  She is truly very loving and accepts hugs and kisses well!!!!!

We had an afternoon of leisure today.  The other four couples in our group did the paperwork today that we will do tomorrow. We took a walk right after lunchtime to a nearby park, then we came back to the room and we all had naps!!!  We later walked to Walmart, and then came back to the hotel for dinner. 

 Tomorrow, we will be traveling to Jiaozuo, Callie Beth's home town, to do more paperwork and also to visit the orphanage where she has spent almost her entire life.  I hope to also get to go to the place where she was abandoned.  Please pray extra hard of us, concerning our visit to the orphanage.  I don't want to break Callie Beth's heart all over again, and I have a feeling it may make her sad to go back and then have to leave again.  It is important closure for us, though, to visit there, meet her nannies, and she where she has been cared for. 

Until tomorrow.....

Vicki :)



We went to the registration office this morning, the same place we went to get Callie Beth yesterday morning, and received the OFFICIAL document stating that Callie Beth is OFFICIALLY OUR daughter!!!!  She is now LEGALLY Callie Elizabeth Faith FuXiaYan Pierce!!!!!

Resting up for a BIG day!

This is serious business!

Are we cute, or what?

Oh, Callie Beth!  You're so funny!
On the bus enroute to become "OFFICIAL"


Tomorrow we will go to Jiaozuo City to complete other paperwork, including the visa application and a visit to the notary.  We will also be visiting the orphanage and Show Hope Center where Callie Beth has spent almost her entire life. 

I am attaching a few pictures taken this morning.  Our girls LOVE each other!!!!

Vicki :)

June 25, 2012


Sister Love!



1.  She is a snuggle bug.  Even though she was a little tense at first, she will now lay her head on my chest and put her arms around me, pressing as closely as she can.

2.  She likes to eat!!!!!  So far, she hasn't turned down anything we've offered her.  Of course, it has been a rather "junk food" afternoon. 

3.  She is VERY INTENT when she plays.  She sat in the floor for no less than an hour playing with the Lego blocks that I brought, stacking them and putting them in a bag and dumping them out. 

4.  She's not too crazy about men.  Roger is DYING to get his hands on her, and she did actually let him sit in the floor by her when she was playing with the blocks.  HOWEVER, when he kissed on her, she was quite distressed.  She will be a daddy's girl before he knows it, though.

5.  She is a SOUND sleeper.  Right now she is taking a nap with the TV going full blast, and Molly Kate making all kinds of noise.

6.  She does know some English.  She has called me, "Mama" several times, and has said other words like drink and water.  She is also speaking in Chinese, and sometimes sounds like she is talking like a caveman!!!!

7.  She likes clothes and shoes!!!  I tried a couple of pairs of shoes on her that I brought to see if they would fit.  She kept putting them back on when I took them off.  She was also fine when I tried some different clothes on her.

8. She likes HAIR BOWS!!!!  When she was brought to us today, she had  the hair bow in her hair that I had sent in a care package.  I took it off this afternoon when I got ready to change her clothes.  She immediately picked it up and wanted it back in her hair.  WOO HOO!!!  I have another hair bow girl!!!!

9.  She LOVES a bath!!!!  When I first put her in the tub, she started to cry just a little, but she stopped immediately.  She splashed and had water EVERYWHERE!!!  She put her face in the water, she slid down the back of the tub, and she LOVED it when I put Molly Kate in with her.  I think she would have stayed in the tub all day!!!

10.  She is SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!  I thought she was pretty in her pictures, but they don't do her justice. 

Roger and I sure are a happy mama and daddy with the THREE BEST SONS and the TWO SWEETEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS in the WORLD!!!!  I know we are just a little prejudiced, but........ :)

Vicki :)