June 26, 2012


A LITTLE BIT of time makes a BIG difference!!!!!

It is amazing how much Callie Beth has changed in the short amount of time we have had her.  Today, she had a few tears in her eyes when she woke up, but that was it for the day.  We've had LOTS of smiles throughout the day!!!  She was VERY loud at times today, chattering away in Chinese, but she clearly understands what SSHHHHH means.  She does a lot of grunting like a cave woman, and does this loud whine when she wants something and doesn't get it.  HOWEVER, she does know the meaning of, "NO!"  Molly Kate is so obedient all the time, and she is setting a good example for her.  I truly do think Callie Beth is taking notice.

Some of the other things I've learned today about Callie Beth are:

1.  She LOVES to eat, and will eat ANYTHING!!!!
2.  She is a GREAT sleeper!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!!
3.  She likes for others to do things for her, rather than doing them for herself.  Tonight I had
     to hand feed her, and she ALWAYS wants me to carry her when we leave the room to
     go somewhere. 
4.  She is not only loved by Roger and me, but she is VERY loved by her little sister.
     Molly Kate adores her!!!!-----and I think she is beginning to adore Molly Kate!!!
5.  For comfort, she takes her fingers and wraps them around either the sleeve or neck of
     the clothing she is wearing, and pulls it up to her mouth to bite. 
6.  She likes to put things in her mouth.
7.  She is truly very loving and accepts hugs and kisses well!!!!!

We had an afternoon of leisure today.  The other four couples in our group did the paperwork today that we will do tomorrow. We took a walk right after lunchtime to a nearby park, then we came back to the room and we all had naps!!!  We later walked to Walmart, and then came back to the hotel for dinner. 

 Tomorrow, we will be traveling to Jiaozuo, Callie Beth's home town, to do more paperwork and also to visit the orphanage where she has spent almost her entire life.  I hope to also get to go to the place where she was abandoned.  Please pray extra hard of us, concerning our visit to the orphanage.  I don't want to break Callie Beth's heart all over again, and I have a feeling it may make her sad to go back and then have to leave again.  It is important closure for us, though, to visit there, meet her nannies, and she where she has been cared for. 

Until tomorrow.....

Vicki :)


  1. Charlotte and I have enjoyed your updates so much! She points to Molly Kate & calls her by name.. & I am trying to teach her to say Callie Beth. I am so thankful things are going so well and I will pray for you guys tomorrow...we got some good news today as well-the person we hired Was able to find Charlottes foster family and we were able to communicate via email. :) I can't wait to tell you all about it. It was nothing short of a MIRACLE! Praying for you all!