June 29, 2012


There is something I forgot to share, so this is another SHORT entry (I PROMISE this time!!!)


I forgot to mention (I don't know how I could have forgotten this) that on our way to McDonalds, we stopped at a local park and took a walk through it.  It's the same park we took the girls to a few days ago---a very BEAUTIFUL park.   Today there were LOTS of people there, and we drew quite a bit of attention.  We had a large group of people come up to us, and try to communicate.  Of course, we couldn't understand them.  We have a card we have worn around our neck this week, though, that gives our name, our child's name, and explains that we have adopted this child. 

Callie Beth at the Butterfly Field

Callie Beth and Molly Kate at the Butterfly Field in the park.

Molly Kate loves the Butterfly Field
SO, I proceeded to show the card to an older lady in this group.  She read the card, turned around and said something to her husband, and then got right up in my face and yelled, "AMEN!!!"  I really didn't know what she was trying to say to me at first, but then I realized it was her blessing on us for adopting our child.  We have received many smiles and thumbs up from people this week who have seen us with our girls, and who have understood that we have adopted them. 

The picture is of part of this group in the park who was our fan club!!!!  They allowed us to take their picture with our girls.

Vicki :)

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  1. So glad things are going so well. Even the best orphanage is no substitute for a mom & dad. Callie Beth is older than Mollie Kate so I knew it would be a bit harder for her but, honestly, it sounds like she is doing AMAZING! And she is in GREAT hands...all she really needs is love and time and she has an over abundance of both! :) Hey if you read this email me...mccfamily5@bellsouth.net I thouht of 1 more thing I would like for you to get me on Shamain Island. Love you all!