March 06, 2012

Why in the world would we want to adopt AGAIN?

I can honestly say that I don't believe ANYONE has come right out and asked us why we would want to adopt again.  I think after we decided to adopt six years ago, that shocked everyone so much that there's nothing they would put past us doing now!!!! Also, those who have been around us any length of time since we adopted Molly Kate in February of 2011, have seen what a true blessing SHE has been in our lives, and knowing that, adding another little girl to our family hasn't seemed TOO crazy to them!!  With Evan, Keaton, and Shea  as old as they are now, and since none of them live at home full time anymore, the realization hit us that Molly Kate was an "only child," and we decided that probably wasn't  best for her, although she IS very content being with just me every day.  We talked and prayed about it, and we felt led to look in to adopting another daughter.  We really left it in God's hands.  We knew if it was HIS will for us to adopt again, He would send the PERFECT second daughter our way, just like He sent the PERFECT first daughter.  If we WEREN'T matched with a daughter, then it wasn't meant to be.  SO, our wait began.......and THEN........ (to be continued)  :)

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