June 11, 2012

The BIG "A"!!!!!!

I'm a little behind on posts for Callie Beth's blog.  Even though we have been anxious to get her in our arms, the time really has flown by.....AND, we have conquered all the "A's" that have to be reached in the adoption process (I-800A, LOA, and MOST important, TA, which we received last Thursday, June 7.  TA is our TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS.  In other words, WE ARE LEAVING TO GET OUR SWEET CALLIE BETH SOON!!!!!----on JUNE 20, to be exact!!!!  We will have Callie Beth in our arms on June 25, June 24, Kentucky time!!!!!

I will post details about our travel later, but for tonight I just want to share some updated pictures we have received of Callie Beth since my last post.  The one with Callie Beth, her nanny, and one of the babies in the center was provided by a true angel who just happened to pass my way.  The individual pictures were sent in an update we received a few weeks ago.  We didn't receive any updated information, but the pictures speak for themselves....Callie Beth looks like she is HAPPY and HEALTHY!!!!!  How BLESSED we are to be entrusted with another beautiful child.....God is SO good!!!!    Vicki :)

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