June 22, 2012


Beijing - Day 1

We had a VERY BUSY day of site seeing around the city today.  I think our guide planned it this way in order to keep all of us awake!!!  Of course, for some reason Roger, Molly Kate, and I were ALL awake by 3:30 this morning, so in addition to it being a very busy day, it has also been a VERY LONG day!!!!

We started the day with a ride on a rickshaw to a courtyard that originated in the 1600's.   From there we visited the silk factory, where we had a lesson on how silk is made.  We had a tasty lunch---CHINESE food, of course.  We then proceeded on to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City where we did A LOT of walking!!!!  After our return to the hotel, and a short rest, we hit the streets again with one of the other couples in our group, and walked down to a place called Snack Street, which is actually a street where food vendors are lined up with booths selling ALL KINDS of unusual foods.  I'm glad we didn't eat BEFORE we went, because with some of the smells, I think I might have lost it!!!  We did walk awhile longer, ate supper----you guessed right----Chinese food---- and then headed back to the hotel.  

Reflections of today?????

1.  I am SO glad Molly Kate and Callie Beth are going to have the opportunity to grow up in the CLEAN town of Benton!!!!

2.  This courtyard is valued at over $4 MILLION DOLLARS????  I appreciate history, but I'm not sure I appreciate it THAT much!!!!

3.  If General Mao hadn't enforced the one child policy in China over 30 years ago, we probably wouldn't be blessed to have Molly Kate and Callie Beth as our daughters.

4.  That emperor who lived in the Forbidden City---the one who was not only married to the empress, but also had MANY concubines and possibly over 300 children-----I would have thought that anyone with THAT many children would have at least made the courtyard and palace a little more stroller friendly!!!!

5.  Snack Street----somehow water bugs, starfish, fungus, snakes, silkworms, and sheep penises, to mention a few of the food choices offered, just weren't my craving tonight!!!! :)

6.  I'm glad I live in BENTON, not BEIJING!!!!

It really was a fun day today, and as I said in yesterday's post, we LOVE all the families in our travel group.  HOWEVER, our eyes are set on Callie Beth, and we are SOOOOOO ready to get her!!!!!

Tomorrow is our visit to the Great Wall of China, SO I'd better sign off for the night and try to get some rest!!!!



  1. So glad you guys are there,safe and sound. :) Have fun and keep us posted! Charlotte was so excited to see Molly Kates pictures! :)