June 21, 2012



We are HERE----the home country of our daughter to be!!!!!  As I'm sitting here typing, I feel like I'm still on the plane!!!  We left home around 3:00 AM on Wednesday morning.  Phyllis (my sister-in-law), along with my mother drove us to Nashville for our flight.  Needless to say, it was a stay up all night kind of night for us.  I had SO much I needed to get done before we left, and as it always is, I left most of it undone.  I put Molly Kate to bed around 11:00, but of course, it would be a night that she started crying and wanted, "Mama, SIT" on the bed beside her.  I think it was probably 11:30 before she finally went to sleep.  I got her up at 2:30 and put her in the car to leave, and she woke up in a GREAT mood.  I figured she would go back to sleep on our way to Nashville, but she didn't.  THEN, I figured she would go to sleep on our flight from Nashville to Chicago, but she didn't AGAIN.  When we got to Chicago, I was bound and determined to keep her awake during our four hour layover so that she would go to sleep on our flight to Beijing, and then maybe I could get some sleep, too, since I had been up all night.  Well, I didn't have to try to keep her awake, and when we got on the plane, she was still wide awake.  By that time, though, it was obvious she was so tired she was wiggling all over the place to stay awake.  I put her in my lap, and she was out like a light!!  She took quite a lengthy nap then, and the another one later.  I also managed to squeeze in some shuteye, too.  Roger was out almost as soon as the plane took off!!!!  :)
We really had a wonderful flight!!!  Molly Kate is a world class traveler, and couldn't have been better.  Our guide, whose name is Cindy, met us at the airport.  She is a sweetie.  The five families we met tonight in our travel group are all so very nice.  We are the OLDEST couple adopting, but no one is any more excited about it than we are.  We are only four days away from getting our precious Callie Beth!!!!

Tomorrow we will be touring Beijing, so hopefully I will have some pictures to share tomorrow night.  Right now, I'm so sleepy that I need to sign off and go to bed!!!!

Vicki :)


  1. :) glad you are there safe and sound! have fun! right behind ya!

  2. Glad you had a good flight and poor Roger got some much needed sleep!