July 12, 2012


Believe it or not, we had TWO SLEEPING GIRLS before midnight tonight!!!!  Molly Kate did wake up later, and has cried quite a bit.  Callie Beth's meltdowns has really stressed her.  I actually think they break her heart because she loves Callie Beth SO much.  She will be fine, though, if I ever make it to bed.  Roger is asleep in the room with her, so she is fine, even if she does have to cry it out a little bit. 

We tried the new strategy of putting Callie Beth in her bed in the nursery tonight, instead of in the pack 'n play in our room.  I hated for her to sleep alone in a room, but it apparently is better for her, because she cried less than 45 minutes tonight.  I also kept Molly Kate in our room, and when I was rocking her to sleep, I had the TV turned up loud enough that she couldn't hear Callie Beth's crying and screaming.  It may not be a PERFECT night yet, but it will be the first night that I've had both girls NOT crying before 4:30 in the morning!!!! 

Callie Beth really had a GREAT, HAPPY day today!!!  We slept VERY late.  Both girls needed it, because I know they were exhausted from all the crying last night, and I needed it, too, since I have yet to get in bed before 4:30 AM any morning since we've been home. 

We went to the beauty shop today---not for a hair cut, but just to visit our friends Tam Tam, Gina, and Ellen.  I think Callie Beth felt just as much at home there as Molly Kate always does!!!!

We went to church tonight, and Callie Beth LOVED playing in the nursery.  She was very comfortable around the other kids, and played the entire time.  That's a improvement over last Sunday night in the nursery!!!

I know, I'm cute!
This is where the "dolls" go, isn't it?

Love playing with my Sissy.

Fashion Diva

After church, we went to Cracker Barrel to eat.  We discovered that she likes shrimp.  She wasn't too crazy about the pinto beans I ordered for her.  We are trying out new AMERICAN foods on her, and so far, there have been very few things she hasn't liked. 

When we got home tonight, it was obvious that Callie Beth realized it was bedtime, because she started whining and clinging.  I decided not to rock her, because it seems to make her want to cling even more.  She has had lots of holding, snuggling, loving time today, so I just hugged her, kissed her, told her I love her, and put her in bed.  Despite the crying and screaming, I truly believe she already knows she is LOVED in this home!!!!

Today was our 14th wedding anniversary!!!!  Roger and I  have been so caught up in PARENTING, that I think the date kind of slipped up on both of us!!!!  We are both tired from the lack of sleep, but we are also both VERY happy!!!!  I had two people today tell me that I LOOKED very tired.  I guess I'm going to have to step up my pace a little!!!!  I really don't think the fatigue is so much from parenting two toddlers as it is from the jet lag, and getting behind on my sleep before we ever came home.  I am feeling better every day, though.

I have learned a few new things about Callie Beth, and life in general, the past few days......

1.  She LOVES music, and has really great rhythm!!!!

2.  She is a VERY COMPASSIONATE child!!!!
3.  She is afraid of dogs, BUT I can at least set her down on the floor with our dogs in
    the same room, without her having a total meltdown.
4.  She is VERY smart, and knows a lot of things she hasn't allowed us to see that
    she knows.  Today when we were leaving the beauty shop, Gina waved at her,
   and she waved back.  It was the first time we had seen that.
5. She is SO proud of herself for the sign language she knows, and smiles ear to ear
   when she uses it.
6.  The scar on her stomach from her early surgery looks like a shark bite!!!   Believe it
     or not, we have had some VERY GULLIBLE friends and family members who have
     BELIEVED us when we told them it was her shark bite!!!!
7.  Each day it is getting harder and harder to remember what our life was like without
     her.......she is ANOTHER perfect fit for our family!!!!!
8.  Roger and I are the most BLESSED two people in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!----BUT, I
     actually already knew that!!!! :)

Before we left for China, I happened upon a poem on an adoption blog I was reading.  I don't remember whose blog it was, but since the author of the poem is anonymous, I think it is okay for me to share it.  Even though I don't know WHO wrote this poem, I AM POSITIVE that it was someone who was CALLED, as we were, to experience the MIRACLE of adoption....

                                                  ONE ORDINARY DAY

Every call has a beginning
A quiet moment when God
Whispers a promise to a mother's heart
A holy place where a father bows and faithfully accepts
The journey set before him.
A miraculous morning that unexpectedly dawns.....
Casting its first light on a chosen threshold
A gentle knock...a closed door opens
A sacred invitation sent by the Father...
Leads to the other side of the world.
Where lonely hearts stare out orphanage windows
Praying for someone to care...
And then one morning,
On an ordinary day
An orphan's life changes....
God sends them a second chance....through you.....

Author Unknown

Thank you, Lord, for calling US to make a difference in not just ONE, but TWO orphans' lives.  I pray that we can make as POSITIVE of a difference in THEIR lives as they have in OURS......

Vicki :)


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