July 16, 2012


It's hard to believe that it was just three weeks ago today that Callie Beth was placed in our arms for the first time.  It almost seems like she has been a part of our family FOREVER.  Actually, she HAS been a part in our hearts for the past year, every since I first laid eyes on her picture on our agency's Waiting Child List. 

It is utterly AMAZING how much Callie Beth has changed since she's been with us, and that change has MAGNIFIED this past week since we've been home.  We have gone from last Sunday night of almost TWO HOURS of screaming and crying at the top of her lungs when I put her to bed, to NO SCREAMING OR CRYING tonight.  She has gone from being TERRIFIED of our dogs, to sitting in the floor and playing with them walking all around her.  Her meltdowns---VERY BAD meltdowns, with screaming and crying for sometimes an hour at a time---no longer occur during the day, and have greatly decreased at nighttime, mostly only occurring at bedtime.  When she went to bed tonight with NO distress, that was a MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR event!!!!

Each day we realize just how beautiful Callie Beth is, not just on the outside, but equally on the inside.  Her big smiles MELT our hearts!!!  It's just SO hard to believe she is that same little girl, who DID cling to me when they first placed her in my arms three weeks ago, but had so much UNCERTAINTY and FEAR reflecting in her eyes.  Now, that clinging is hugs of love and trust, and she IS a SNUGGLE BUNNY!!!!

A little bit of "Weatherford"

Grandaddy Weatherford would have been soooo proud of these girls.
Roger and I both LOVE to watch the interaction between Molly Kate and Callie Beth.  Sometimes, Molly Kate gets a little stressed when Callie Beth puts her food over on her high chair tray (she's just trying to share), or when she picks up something that Molly Kate thinks is just HERS.  In the next minute, though, Molly Kate is reaching out and rubbing Callie Beth on the arm, or running her fingers through her hair.  She's been a little quieter than usual lately.  I think she's sort of standing back and assessing all the attention Callie Beth is getting from our family and friends as they meet her for the first time.  There may be jealousy underlying in that quietness, but if it is, she's not expressing it that way.  Callie Beth makes her laugh a lot by the silly, funny things she does.  I think some of the pictures I'm posting tonight will show the true bound of love, friendship, and sisterhood that is already firmly established between them.  

We have been out and about A LOT since we got home with Callie Beth last Saturday night.  Today was our first day to go to Sunday School and church since we've been home, although we went last Sunday night and Wednesday night.  Last Sunday night, Callie Beth only ventured out of my lap a few times while we were in the nursery.  Wednesday night, though, she played pretty much the whole time, and today she stayed with Molly Kate in her class without me being in there with her.  It's obvious that she already feels very comfortable at church.  I think she truly is going to be a social butterfly, too!!!!  She is much louder than Molly Kate is.  I'm afraid I may have to pay for my raising with her!!!!

I Love Sunday School!

Every day, Roger and I realize MORE and MORE just how blessed we are!!!  We've had a lot of people who have commented that we are BRAVE to take on two little girls.  We've had others to say that we have taken on a lot of responsibility.  AND, I'm sure we have had MANY say that we must be ABSOLUTELY CRAZY to adopt two toddlers!!!  But you know, the truth of the matter is that we did EXACTLY what God intended for us to do, and I wouldn't trade my life (neither would Roger) for anyone else's in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!

We have LOTS of fun things planned for the upcoming week!!!  I'm looking forward to sharing all the fun we are going to have!!!!

I hope you enjoy the pictures posted.  These are some of my VERY FAVORITES I've taken.  If you go back and look at the pictures from three weeks ago, you will be able to see the change in our precious daughter's face.  There is now a RADIANCE there!!!!  God is SOOOOO good!!!!!!

Two of God's Little Angels

Thank You, Lord, for my Sissy.
  Vicki :)


  1. We are getting ready to adopt another little girl. (Our first Asian treasure has been home a year.) That last picture made me tear up at the thought of having another little treasure holding hands with my Jillian. Thanks for sharing your journey. I have enjoyed reading it. You have a beautiful heart and family.

  2. I have enjoyed following your journey! Your little girls are beautiful and I LOVE the big bows! It's so nice to know that these 2 little princesses are in such a good family with such a sweet Momma!