July 22, 2012


We have had quite a busy week!!!!  None of our days have consisted of very much idle time.  On Monday we had to take Callie Beth to the hospital to have blood drawn to run the titers for her immunizations and for the other routine things that children adopted from China are checked for.  I was expecting it to not be a very pleasant event.  Molly Kate screamed HORRIBLY when she had her blood work done.  I don't think it was because it hurt, but instead because a bunch of strangers was holding her down.  This time with Callie Beth, there were only two nurses, so I designated Roger to be the other "holder downer" since I didn't want Callie Beth mad at me for it!!!  We learned right off the bat, before the needle was ever inserted in her arm, that our second little darling is also double jointed like her little sister.  The nurse had Callie Beth's arm stretched flat on the bed with her wrist up.  About the time the other nurse was getting ready to insert the needle, Callie Beth totally flipped her mid arm over so that her elbow was sticking up----and her wrist was still turned up!!!!  It looked weird!!!  The nurses got her arm flipped back over, and with a little effort, got the needle in her vein.  She fussed a little at first, but was giggling a few seconds later, as they drained one vial of blood after another out of her body.  Seven vials later, they were finished!!!----and she was a happy girl!!!!  I was thrilled to find out yesterday that the results of all the tests were negative, AND that the titers show that all the immunizations she received in China were effective.  She won't need any more shots until she turns 4!!!!!

On Tuesday, the girls and I, along with McLane, Evan's girlfriend, spent the day at Venture River.  It was Callie Beth's first time at a water park.  As much as she loves water and taking a bath, I really thought she would love it.  However, she was quite overwhelmed.  As with many other things in her life, I think her vision problem was the source of her insecurity there.  I think I traumatized her when I took her down the slide in the kiddie pool.  I've learned, though, that sometimes when I force her to do things she THINKS she doesn't want to do, she ends up liking it.  That didn't hold true for the slide, though.  We did a family ride, the wave pool, and the lazy river.  She fussed in all of them.  She did get settled in the lazy river, when I got her ring lodged into mine so tightly that we were literally cheek to cheek, and so close that I could 
feel her eyelashes brushing my face every time she blinked.  She was VERY happy in that position and I think we could have stayed that way the rest of the day!!!!  I think her favorite part of the trip, though, was eating a snack, once we got out of the water!!!

On Wednesday, Roger, the girls, and I made a trip to Nashville.  We stopped by Show Hope in Franklin for a visit to share our new daughter.  Our best Show Hope friend, Cathy Troyer, was out of the office that day, so we were disappointed.  We enjoyed sharing about our trip with some of the other wonderful people there, though.  I was so sad to learn that one of the precious babies that we saw in the Show Hope Center in the orphanage when we visited, had passed away.  I don't know if the baby was a boy or girl---I just know that my heart was so touched when I saw a precious child, obviously very sick, lying in the crib that day.  Oh, how ALL the sweet babies, healthy or not, need loving homes.  I know, without a shadow of doubt, that that sweet baby was LOVED dearly by those at the center, and was cared for until the last breath was drawn.  We feel SO blessed that our precious Callie Beth spent the majority of her life in the center.  It's OBVIOUS that she was loved and nurtured there, because she certainly knows how to love in return and is very compassionate with others.

After leaving Show Hope, we met our social worker (the MOST WONDERFUL SOCIAL WORKER IN THE WORLD), Lisa Mosley at Chick-Fil-A in Smyrna for our one month post adoption visit.  Molly Kate LOVED the indoor playground there, while Callie Beth LOVED the food!!!  She did finally play on the playground, too, and climbed to the very top.  Roger had to climb up to get her because he wouldn't come down on her own.  Again, I think her vision problem contributed to this.  We had a WONDERFUL visit with Lisa, as always.  She truly is the GREATEST!!!!

I wanted to go to Opry Mills, since I hadn't had the opportunity to go there since it reopened.  Roger isn't much of a shopper, but since we only had our single strollers with us, he had to push one.  I don't think he minded the experience too badly!!!  The girls rode a carousel for the first time.  Neither one of them liked it very well, although we did get a few, "WHEE'S" out of Callie Beth!!!  They enjoyed the little playground in the middle of the aisle that had all kinds of things to climb on.  Believe it or not, I didn't buy ONE THING for the girls!!!!  I didn't see anything there CUTE enough for them!!!!! :)

After leaving Opry Mills, we decided we would drive back to Clarksville to eat dinner.  I'm not sure what prompted it, but Callie Beth decided she needed to have a meltdown, and when she started her crying and screaming, Molly Kate decided to join in, too.  Roger and I BOTH ignored the NOISE for probably 15 minutes.  Finally, I turned around in my seat and started singing at the top of my lungs.  Both girls STOPPED their screaming and crying!!!  Of course, I had to sing at the top of my lungs the rest of the way to Clarksville.  I'm not sure the screaming and crying wasn't more pleasant to the ear!!!! Once we got to Clarksville, though, they were both happy, and we had a nice meal at Red Lobster.  Afterward, we headed for HOME SWEET HOME!!! It was an overall FUN day!!!!

On Thursday, the girls and I met our DEAR friends, the McCuiston's, at Pagliai's for lunch.  Jason and Kendra adopted their adorable daughter, Charlotte, from China last fall.  She and Molly Kate have loved each other since the first time they met.  The same was true for her and Callie Beth.  They were all three SO cute together!!!!  Molly Kate LOVES the playground in the back room at Pagliai's, but of course, Callie Beth was scared to crawl through it or get in the ball pit.  After we had eaten, though, she began to fuss for an unknown reason, so I decided if she was going to fuss, she might as well have a reason to do so.  I proceeded to FORCE her into the ball pit.  At first, she cried BLOODY MURDER, but then Kendra's two sons who were also with her began to throw the balls, and it was just seconds later that Callie Beth was laughing.  When we got ready to leave, Kendra had to climb in the balls and get her out for me---she didn't want to get out!!!!

Friday was mowing day at Gran Gran's house, so I loaded up the girls and Sophie Grace (she goes to play with my mom's dog, Daisy) and headed that direction.  I wasn't sure how Callie Beth would react, with me being outside for 2 1/2 to 3 hours mowing, but she did fine.  She and Molly Kate played with the dollhouse and the blocks.  I think they snacked quite a bit, too. (One thing that we were told in the information we received right before we got Callie Beth is that food makes her happy quite quickly when she is upset.  The truth of the matter is, she likes food REGARDLESS of what emotional state she is in.  Luckily for us, she likes HEALTHY food just as much as she likes JUNK food!!!)  I think she had a really good time at Gran Gran's!!!  We met our friends, Jeff and Gail at Chong's for dinner.  It was Callie Beth's first meal at an AMERICAN Chinese Restaurant.  She liked everything we put in front of her---not that we were surprised!!!!

Today, we spent the day at home.  The girls played outside for a couple of hours, while I pulled grass.  They were really good and had a GREAT time playing.  I think they would have stayed out there all day, if I had let them.  I decided we needed to do hair washes, baths, and then naps.  Callie Beth screamed for quite awhile when I put them to bed, but Molly Kate was tired enough that she slept through it all.  Callie Beth finally went to sleep, too.

  It is just SO amazing how Callie Beth has changed in the less than three weeks we have had her.  Even though language is still a barrier, we have an EXTREMELY happy, vivacious daughter number 2.  She really reminds me of Keaton when he was little---loud and rowdy, but SOOOO sweet!!!!  It is SUCH a blessing to see her frustrations grow fewer and farther between, and her smiles and giggles grow more frequent.  Molly Kate thinks she is SO funny, and Callie Beth adores her!!!  They DO have disagreements sometimes, all of which stem from having to SHARE, but they really do play well together, and it's obvious they enjoy each other's company.  They truly are BFF's!!!

 I think I've gabbed enough tonight, so I will post some pictures of this weeks' activities and sign off for now!!!!

Vicki :)

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  1. LOVE this update!! Looks like you guys have been busy busy!