July 03, 2012



Today was my first REAL day to get to do some shopping!!!!  I've been joking about the squeaky shoes---well, ACTUALLY I've been serious about them---but there were other special things I wanted to be sure and buy for the girls while I'm here.  Roger says this is our last trip to China----for a CHILD, that is---so, until we bring the girls back when they are older for the Heritage Tour, I knew I needed to get those special things NOW.

We started off with a trip to the Pearl Market.  I brought the pearl necklace and bracelet that I bought for Molly Kate last year when we were here so that I could get identical ones for Callie Beth.  I did WELL!!!  We also got some gifts while we were there, too.  I even ended up with a very pretty pink pearl bracelet for myself!!!

As soon as we got back to the hotel from the Pearl Market, Emily Young, one of the other MAMAS in our group, the girls, and I got a taxi and took off for Shamien Island.  It was almost 2:00 when we got there, and we had to be back to leave for the Pearl River Cruise by 5:45, so we had to do some SERIOUS shopping in a very short period of time.  I think we ended up going to six different stores, and I found everything I was looking for, except a crocheted doll for Callie Beth.  My very favorite store on the island is "A Gift from China."  This store has very nice merchandise, much of which is handmade, and all the proceeds from the sales goes to the orphanages.  I bought some really special things there, including a BEAUTIFUL baby quilt to give to Callie Beth when she has her first baby.  I bought one of these for Molly Kate last year.  They were out of the crocheted dolls, though, so I will just have to pay the big bucks for shipping and order one online later.  I did buy some other really nice things there, though. 

Our next stop was, "Jenny's Place."  This is my favorite place to buy squeaky shoes.  You should all be proud of me, because I think I only bought eight pairs, compared to the 23 pairs I bought last year!!!!  Of course, I did go into the store across the hall after I left there and bought two more pairs!!!!.  I love shopping at Jenny's though, because she and her husband are Christians, and they are truly sweet, honest people.  Since I forgot that I was supposed to buy some squeaky shoes for my friend, Eva for her granddaughter, Roger and I are going to have to go back to the island tomorrow to get those.  I really hate that!!!!----RIGHT!!!!! :)

Emily and I made the rest of our stops and then started trying to find a taxi.  It seemed to take FOREVER, and were beginning to worry about getting back to the hotel in time for the cruise.  We made it, though, with about 45 minutes to spare.  Emily had left her new daughter in the care of her husband, but we had Molly Kate and Callie Beth with us on the island.  They were both pretty good, and I really appreciate that Emily helped with diaper changes and snacks while I was shoe shopping!!!!

The Pearl River Cruise was GREAT!!!!  The food was even better this year than it was last year.  It was a great night to be out on a boat, and the lights were absolutely beautiful.  It would have been a totally perfect outing had Callie Beth not had one of her screaming, crying meltdowns after the meal was over.   The good thing about it, though, was that we were outside on the deck, so even though she was making quite a spectacle of herself,  she wasn't as loud as she would have been inside.  She had already had a meltdown on the bus enroute to the cruise.  I hate for others that she makes a lot of noise when she is doing this, but we actually ignore her and let her get it out of her system.  Most of the time, she sat on the floor on the deck.  When I picked her up, she continued the crying and screaming, so I kissed her, told her I love her, and sat her back down.  If she were my BIOLOGICAL three year old child, I would handle the meltdowns in a totally different manner, but we know this is all part of adjustment, and her whole world being turned upside down.  I think she already knows that the world she is in now is BETTER than before---even though she was well-cared for and loved to pieces at the Show Hope Care Center.  I think when we get home, though, in the confines of our own home, we may have LOTS of screaming and crying times, but we can work on the issues that are causing them.  We are going to have to help her learn to communicate her needs to us in another way, because it doesn't matter how much she scream and cries, we still don't know what is wrong with her.  Signing is helping some.  I think it's all so frustrating for her, though, that when she wants or needs something, because she doesn't understand what we are saying to her, and we can't understand her babbling, then she has no patience and wants it NOW!!!  Molly Kate is a good role model for her, and I think that will be helpful in the future.  As I've said many times, she really is very happy and content the majority of the time, and I can tell that she is getting more attached to Molly Kate as time passes.  Molly Kate loves her to pieces, too, but she doesn't want her touching her.  She still likes her personal space.  If Callie Beth touches her, she starts fussing, but at that time I can ask her if she wants to take Callie home with her, and she says, "Aye!!!!"  That is how she says, "yes."  She likes having her around, but she still wants her "MAMA TIME," too. 

When the cruise was over, I suppose that Callie Beth decided she had cried and screamed enough, because she was fine when we went back into the boat to get ready to get off.  She fell asleep in the bus on the way back to the hotel.  When we got back to our room, I got both of the girls ready for bed.  Molly Kate wanted me to rock her, so I took care of that first.  Callie Beth fussed a little about that, but when I started singing to Molly Kate, she stopped the fussing.  She LOVES music---another thing I have learned about her.  Molly Kate fell asleep quickly, so I sang to Callie Beth until she went to sleep, too.  She woke up when I put her in her bed, and she cried a little, but she went back to sleep. 

Tomorrow we are going to the ZOO!!!  I think the girls will like it.  When we get back, we then have to go back to the clinic to have Callie Beth's TB skin test read.  I'm thinking we will probably head to Shamien Island after that.  The other ladies in the group are going for manicures and pedicures here at the hotel, but I think I'm going to have to opt for the TB test reading.  I think I pampered myself enough today with shopping anyway!!!!

Molly Kate is crying, so I need to see what is wrong with her.  Until tomorrow.....

Vicki :)

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