July 02, 2012


I forgot to put something REALLY IMPORTANT in my blog, so here is a SHORT post!!!


I can't believe that I forgot to tell what AMAZING thing happened tonight while we were on Shamien Island.  We were getting ready to leave the island.  Roger decided to go into the 7-Eleven store and get some snacks.  I waited outside with the girls.  Molly Kate was out of her stroller, but Callie Beth was sitting in hers, drinking her water.  She emptied her bottle, and apparently was still thirsty.  USUALLY, when this situation occurs, she starts whining quite loudly, and then is crying and almost screaming (without tears) before we get it refilled.  Roger had the bottled water inside his backpack, so I didn't have anything to give her right away.  As soon as she handed her bottle out to me, I took it and asked her is she wanted more, signing when I asked her?  AND, for the very first time, she proceeded to do the sign language for "more" that I have been showing her all week, and actually said, very calmly, "MORE!"   Folks, that may not sound like anything special to you, but for US, that is PROGRESS!!!!  It tells us she has added an ENGLISH word to her vocabulary that makes sense to her!!!   She was actually VERY GOOD from the time we left the hotel tonight.  She LOVED the Thai food, and behaved perfectly during dinner.  She really is a GOOD girl, and behind that introverted, shy personality, she has a lot of SPUNK!!!!  We are SO blessed to have been given the opportunity to add her to our family!!!!  Just like Molly Kate, it's already obvious that she is going to fit in PERFECTLY!!!! 

Vicki :)

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