July 02, 2012



This afternoon we headed to Shamien Island for dinner and SQUEAKY SHOE shopping.  We ate at a Thai restaurant called the Cow and Bridge.  We had an EXCELLENT meal, and fun and fellowship with three other families. 

After dinner, we headed to my favorite stores on the island, Jenny's Place, Sherry's Place and China Adoption Charities.  Sadly, they were all three closed.  Needless to say, we will be making another trip to the island probably tomorrow!!!!

I did buy a few things---matching outfits for Molly Kate and Callie Beth, really cute ladybug bracelets for them, a pendant for myself, chopsticks with Callie Beth's name on them, and a chop with her name engraved on it. We are going to have to go back to the island anyway to pick up those last two items.  HOPEFULLY, I will return with lots of SQUEAKY shoes, too, as well as other special items I have on my list!!!

We got back to the hotel a little before 9:00 tonight, and believe it or not, I had BOTH girls in bed by 9:30!!!  Callie Beth fell asleep during our taxi ride home, and didn't even wake up when I put her PJ's on her.  Molly Kate had fallen asleep in the taxi on the way TO the island, so she was wide awake on the way home.  I just left Callie Beth in her stroller until I was ready to dress her for bed.  At one point I looked up, and Molly Kate was poking on her and moving her head backward and forward!!!!  Luckily, she didn't wake her up!!!  It is now 10:05 here, and Roger is fast asleep, too!!!

Tomorrow we will be taking a trip to the Pearl Market.  I am in search of a pearl necklace and bracelet for Callie Beth.  Tomorrow night we will go on the Pearl River Cruise.  The food on the cruise is horrendous, but the lights of the city are absolutely GORGEOUS to see.  I think the girls will LOVE it!!!!

I am adding more pictures from today!!!!

I love yogurt!


Vicki :)

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